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Leather Elephant Ottoman by Dimitri Omersa

By Den Møbler

$ 2,500.00
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A little guy with a lot of history, this whimsical design for an elephant ottoman originates with a leather pig first made for Liberty of London in 1927 which quickly became one of the department store’s most popular wares. In the 1950s, searching for a replacement for the the pig’s retiring creator, Liberty contracted Dimitri Omersa, who made high quality leather goods in a small countryside workshop, to produce the design.  Omersa developed a diverse menagerie for Liberty, and in the early 1960s made arrangements for the line to be carried in the US by Abercrombie & Fitch, then a department store for high-end sportswear.  At the time our elephant was made, the Abercrombie & Fitch store in New York occupied a twelve story building on Madison Avenue and functioned something like a mid-century REI: an indoor playground for the outdoor inclined, featuring a basement shooting range and a to-scale, habitable log cabin.   The animal ottomans caught on and remained an enduring favorite for the brand until it shuttered (later to be reborn as the mall nightmare we know and “love” today).  

Dimensions: 34" long, 18" tall, 10" wide. 

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